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Hi Viewers! In this post I will be talking about these comments in the photo and I will be talking about ones that are relevant and irrelevant


I think that 1, 4 and 6 are the most irrelevant because they are not using grammar and number 4 and 6 has nothing to do with the post. Next I think 7. Even though they used grammar, the comment is really short, and they didn’t really say much about the post. Then I think 8 because it is slightly irrelevant and 3 is 90% since it is slightly off topic and there is no comma at the start. But 2 and 5 are good.

Writing Challenge – A Normal Day At The Beach

Hey viewers! I wrote a story called “A Normal Day at the beach”

I hope you enjoy this story!



“It’s time to go for a swim in the beach!” I say.

My mum, sister and I walk over to the shady area of the sand so we don’t get burnt. Mum and I sat down whilst my sister ran off.

“Zelda!” My mum shouts to my sister, “Have you put on sunscreen?”

She was just about to go into water, but as soon as she heard mum, she got worried all of the sudden. I don’t think she put on sunscreen.

“I did!” Zelda called.

“I’m not sure about that. But what about you, Daniel?” Mum asked.

Yes, that’s me, Daniel.

“I have!” I said. I got up, and I went to see my sister, but something was strange…

“Zelda! She’s gone!” I cry.

Mum didn’t hear me. She was too busy reading her book. I said it again. She didn’t hear. I gave up on calling and went to look for my sister.  I look around, everywhere. I can’t see her. Maybe she is hiding somewhere, or she might have been EATTEN BY A SHARK!

“Hi Daniel!”

I turn. There she is! I hug her tightly.

“Your safe! Why did you run away?”

Because I was looking for seashells!”

Even though I was really scared before, I was happy that my sister is safe!

Can you guess the Movie?

Hello viewers! I have decided to make a post about movies, (but you have to guess which one) with EMOJIS!! Make sure to leave a comment with what movie you think the emojis are!

(Hint: They are disney movies!)

  1. 🦁👑
  2. 🥶
  3. 🚗🚙
  4. 👦 &🍫🏭
  5.  🐌 🔋
  6. 👆🎈🏠                                            Can you guess them? Bye guys!

Country of Focus-China


China is a country in Asia, located in the Northern Hemisphere.  China’s capital city is Beijing, which is such a beautiful city. China is the biggest Country in Asia and there are over 1,439,323,776 people living in Asia.

China gives Australia and other countries materials and lots of stock for lots of different things.

China has 1 main language which is Mandarin/Chinese. The language is  written in both characters and Chinese which sound the same but are written different. The currency in China is Renminbi. One Renminbi converted to Australian dollar is 20 cents. How much is it in your country?

China has a lot of neighbouring countries. Some countries for example, are India, (South West of China) Russia, (North of China) and Vietnam, (South of China) But there are much more!

FUN FACT: A lot of things we have in our life have been invented by Chinese People! For example, Toilet Paper, Tea, The Compass, Kites, Noodles, Iron, Paper, Gun-power, Wheel borrows, silk and much more!

Thats the end of this post! I hope you learnt a bit more about China, (even I did!)





                                                                                                                            This is Chinas Flag! ——->


New Avatar

🐶 Hi Readers!🐶

I have updated my avatar 👧🏻 and tried to make it look like me as much as possible.                                                                                        Here it is!

I used this website called Avatar Maker!


What am I looking forward to In The Year 6 Blog?

Hello Readers! My name is Stella and this is my blog. I am so excited to start adding more posts! I love dogs🐶, and Italian food such as Gnocchi (a type of pasta🍝that looks like mini pillows, YUM!) , pasta🍝, pizza🍕 and zeppolies! (Italian Donuts!) 🍩   🇮🇹

I am looking forward to learning how to code better and make more posts! Thank you!